When wonderful things happen, the first thought is,
“Share this story with others and spread the joy!”

I had been overweight for many years, and as a result, have listened to the negative chatter from television, magazines and others around me. I heard these negative statements and beliefs, again and again and let them become part of my mind-set. But no longer!

Look at me! I am beautiful. I really, really believe it now, from the depths of my soul. And, I can honestly say that I thank God for all the years of struggle, because now, maybe, I can help someone else to feel better and healthier. (At this point I just got rid of some clothes and am still losing, in a slow and healthy way.) This is no diet secret, so do not expect that. It is no exercise mystery. There are no pills or drinks. It is not quick. It is not always easy, but it works!!! It consists of one thing—a wonderful, blessed change of mind and a spirit of thanks giving.

The Story: I know that many of us who are overweight, look in the mirrors at ourselves and say "I loath you!" "You are ugly!" "You are a stupid slob"..... Well, I was doing that to myself one evening. Suddenly, God, (yes, I am sure it was the Holy Spirit inspired me, not in a vision or a bolt from the blue or a voice, but with a gentle sensation–a mental knock on my head, that said “I gave you that.” (my body) “I gave you that. It moves and feels and loves. How can anything I made be ugly? Be thankful.”

Well, the change of mind was instantaneous. Thanksgiving is an amazing power! How ungrateful I have been for this wonderful body God gave me. I was ashamed, for my lack of thanksgiving thus far, but was also determined. Think about it. We are all different but if God made us, how can we be ugly? We may have let ourselves go a bit, but we are still the wonderful creations He planned.

I had a garden. It had roses. It had lavender. It had begonias and trees, cilantro, radishes, cactus..... They are all beautiful. No, a cactus is not a rose, and radishes taste different from cilantro, but who can say they are not all wonderful?

Now, I cannot see anyone as ugly. It is rather nice. Imagine going through the world and seeing all of God's human flowers, and loving their beauty? I want to smile at everyone because they glow in my mind. They are beautiful!

A further thought:
On further consideration, an analogy came to my mind. A young man with his hot red sports car, does not hate it when it needs a tune-up. He does not say mean things about it to others, or kick its tires in anger. He looks at the magnificent machine and says. "I am so thankful for this wonderful vehicle. It needs a wash and a tune-up." So, what does he do? He goes about getting a tune-up, and washes and polishes his car. He cares for it. He is happy and thankful.

Well, our bodies are our Ferrari's! Look at them. What gifts! I will no longer hate my body. I will thank God for it, and care for it and give it a tune-up. What we love, we care for. What we are thankful for, we cherish!
Thank you God for this miracle to my mind. Thank you God, that I can type with these wonderful short fingers of mine. Thank you God that I can see with my eyes even though I wear glasses. Thank you God for this body, however you made it, freckles and all. I am beautiful. I am art . . . and so are YOU.

And to any reading this, God bless. Now go, be thankful and take care of your sports car. ~ DawnJK.: